• THINKING. BREWING. DRINKING. It’s always 5 o’clock at Worthy Brewing! We love beer and know you do too – that’s why we make brews that are uniquely Oregon and uniquely Worthy. Just one taste is all it takes for you to know that you’ve found it: the beer of your dreams. With seasonal brews, signature beers that are available all year-round, and a ravishing menu to go with it all, you’re set when you step through the doors.
  • OUR COMMUNITY Worthy Brewing is always one of the top breweries in Bend, Oregon not just for our great beer and atmosphere, but also because we love supporting our community! We’re right around the corner from Deschutes National Forest, so we know how truly incredible the environment is. Worthy is a sustainable, solar-powered brewery that looks out for the planet! Worthy always looks to give back to our community in many ways – see what we’re up to in the community!


From ground to cup and back to ground, Worthy Brewing does sustainable beer like no other! At every step of the process, we are looking to protect our planet and our community, all while creating incredible brews.

    At Worthy, we source our hops locally! We only use hops that are certified Salmon Safe, which means that they preserve water quality and help to protect and restore the local habitat! Working within our community to be sustainable and support other businesses with the same mindset is what helps Worthy be one of the best breweries in Bend!

    It’s a priority that our environmental footprint is as small as it can be. Worthy has eliminated plastic across our operations as much as possible. This includes the cups! We ensure that our cups, to-go packaging, and other materials are compostable or decompose in just a few months.

    From the earth it comes and to the earth it returns! As one of the top sustainable breweries in Bend, Oregon, we continuously work with our local partners to use all of our resources efficiently and effectively to have the best possible impact on the environment. This includes working with local farms to provide composting and purchasing as many ingredients as possible from local sources!
2 Week Closure

We are doing our best to mitigate any safety concerns due to Covid 19. Due to the Governor mandated 2-week freeze, both the Eastside Pub and Downtown Taps and Tacos locations will be closed temporarily. We will be selling beer-to-go as well as new winter merchandise and gift cards through the link below: