The Worthy Garden Club Hopservatory opened in May of 2017 with the goal of raising scientific literacy and educating our visitors about big and unwieldy concepts like scale, size, time, distance, and speed within our solar system and beyond. We want people to be amazed and humbled by the beauty and diversity of our galactic garden, as well as inspired to take care of our own planet.


    Our own Bend, Oregon observatory contains beauty on the inside and highlights the beauty beyond. Once inside and on the upper deck, you have a full view of the mountains, from Mt. Bachelor to Mt. Hood – and that’s before you even touch the telescope! Set your sights on the sky and be transported through time and space, while enjoying the stunning stars and gaining a better understanding of the world around and beyond.
  2. Depending on the time of year and the level of visibility, you’ll be able to see specific galaxies, stars, nebulae and even planets! The beauty of the galaxy paired with the mountainous views make for an incredible sight. Join us at our own little slice of the universe at our observatory in Bend, Oregon to appreciate the views with us! While visiting an observatory in Bend, Oregon might not be the most obvious activity, previous visitors will tell you it’s a can’t miss. Talk with our knowledgeable manager and feel free to make a special request to turn the telescope and see something specific. Day or night, our observatory offers you views of the stars and planets, as well as solar viewing. The Hopservatory is great for kids and adults alike – everyone is awed by the stars.


    (541) 647-6970 ext 220
2 Week Closure

We are doing our best to mitigate any safety concerns due to Covid 19. Due to the Governor mandated 2-week freeze, both the Eastside Pub and Downtown Taps and Tacos locations will be closed temporarily. We will be selling beer-to-go as well as new winter merchandise and gift cards through the link below: