Custom Beer

Crafting Your Custom Beer

What’s cooler than drinking a Worthy beer? Drinking a Worthy beer from a can with your own label on it that you designed, is what.

Yes, we have the beer, the labeling machine, the artists and the canning line available so you can craft your very own customized label. What’s cooler than that?

Whether it’s for a wedding, a super progressive company, a local labor union, a nice resort, a big party, or just for fun, this is the perfect way to add that little extra touch to show how much you care. Consider it a unique business card of sorts.

See a few examples of cans we collaborated on for customers below.

The Worthy Custom Can Program works like this:

  1. Tell us what kind of beer you like. Pilsner? Lager? IPA? Pale? Stout? We’ll tell you what’s available.
  2. Provide us with an idea for the art (for example, your company or union logo).
  3. We will draft several options for a label, which you can edit, embellish and approve.
  4. We print out the labels, attach to the can and send the beer to our super fast German made Krone’s canning line to package.
  5. You come out to our dock in Bend, Oregon with a truck to pick up your beer.

Note, there are limits:

  1. A minimum order of 75 cases.
  2. The price for each case is $28. (That’s $7 per six pack – such a deal!)
  3. Please pay 1/2 down when you order. We will create an invoice and collect the balance when you pick up the beer.


Craft is cool.

Micro’s amazing.

Nano’s bitchin’.

But custom? Well that’s flat out WORTHY.

For more information, please fill out the form to the right!

Custom Beer Form

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