Beer. Boom. Done.

Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:55:00

At Worthy Brewing, we like to get things done. Sure, we’ve got vision. We don’t use the word “beertopia” around here loosely.  But — deep breath — there’s an old saying: “talk is cheap.”  It’s easy to talk a good game, it’s a far different thing to actually play it and win.

Worthy’s about doing it, getting it done, and doing it right.  It’s about having a vision, converting that vision into a checklist, investing the blood, sweat and tears, and knocking each item off one at a time, with vigor and with joy.  It’s about delivering the goods.

That’s not to say we’re in a rush. We don’t take short cuts. Just look around. 

Within five months of opening what have we built?

  • We have a solid, creative and seasoned team of passionate beer wonks, gourmands, crusaders and pragmatic craftsmen and women.
  • We’ve got a four vessel 30 barrel system that’s cooking up great beer.
  • We’ve got the Maserati of canning lines, which is capable of generating 4000 cans per hour. We just cranked it up for the first time this week.
  • We’ve got a fully functioning greenhouse, in which we’re propagating hops, herbs, veggies and flowers, all of which we are now in the process of transplanting into our raised soil beds. This week we transplanted five varieties of barley.
  • We’ve got a green facility complete with solar panels, solar thermal water panels, and more.
  • A ½ acre, fully functional , all year round bier garten – the first of it’s kind in Bend, Oregon.
  • An out of this world wood-fired pizza oven and a restaurant and bar built with repurposed wood salvaged from the Oregon Mental Hospital, the venue for filming “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” which we all know is based on the novel by Oregon’s greatest novelist, Ken Kesey.

And what are we about to build?

Take a look:

  • We’re about to start up operations on our bottling line, so in the first year we’ll be selling kegs and cans and bottles.  That’s never been done before by a start-up brewery.
  • We’re about to crank up our new pilot brew system, in which we’ll be tinkering with new recipes and using new, experimental hops conceived and cultivated by our friends at Oregon State and Indie Hops.  In a few months, in addition to our robust line-up of mainstays, we’ll be pouring one-offs that range from the bizarre to the brilliant.
  • We’re well down the road on Beertopia, Part 1, which is the expansion of our kitchen.  In early August we’ll be able to expand our menu, shorten wait times and deliver on a consistent basis mouth watering pizzas, salads, tacos, grilled fish, soups, barbeque and more. The people have spoken, and the people want the choice of good old-fashioned French fries. Worthy will deliver.
  • Beertopia, Part 2, will see us build an addition to our restaurant in which we can accommodate weddings, holiday parties, corporate events and private dinners. Stay tuned for details. Again, the people have spoken, we have listened, and we are bound and determined to get it done, and get it right.
  • There’s even talk – eegads we used the talk word – about moving some dirt around across the street to build a bmx or mountain bike short track course. But this item falls into the category of “dream talk,” and as such is by definition “un-worthy.”  And yet, a Thursday night series for all ages and skill levels on a 4 acre parcel…what a cool vision…

And so, what does it mean, this “Beer.Boom.Done.” tagline? It means dreaming big and going big without a lot of chatter in between. It’s about “making it happen.” Our “it” happens to be brewing great beer and doing great things for the right reasons. And that’s the spirit that guides us every single day at Worthy Brewing.

Thanks for your support.



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