Banging Bars with Travis McCabe: Number 1

travis mccabe and worthy brewing

[Worthy Brewing is pleased to bring you “Banging Bars with Travis McCabe,” a blog written by Travis (aka, T-Mac). He’ll be sending us his reports from the racing action all over the world as a sprinter for the new UCI World Tour Team, Israel Start Up Nation. For us, T-Mac is the perfect spokesman for Worthy – he races hard, dreams big, and win or lose will always cap the day with a cold beer and a smile.] February 11, 2020

What’s up Fellow Worthlings!

travis mccabe

Some you may or may not know who I am, probably not, and that’s totally fine, but my name is Travis McCabe and I am a 30-year-old professional cyclist. I began my pursuit about 10 years ago and have spent the last six racing professionally at different levels of the sport, but this year will be the first year where I’ve finally made it to the big league of cycling. Like, Tour de France level racing!

It’s been a dream of mine since I first discovered cycling at 18 and after many years of trials and tribulations, I have finally been given a chance with Israel Start-Up Nation. A new and emerging team that is also experiencing it’s first year at this level, known as the World Tour. There are currently 19 WT teams across the world and ISN is the first team to ever come from Israel.

travis mccabe celebrating

Anyways, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with beer and Worthy Brewing? Well, there are a number of reasons why I’ll be writing a blog for Worthy Brewing. One is because Roger Worthington is a good friend and has been a staunch supporter of cycling for longer than I’ve been riding and has helped out numerous teams and riders.

travis mccabe stretching

I owe a lot to Roger, because without his support I don’t know if I’d even be racing anymore. He helped step in and sponsor Floyd’s Pro Cycling last year, which gave me a home after my last team, UHC, went belly up.

Secondly I’m an avid beer enthusiast who has this unique opportunity to not only race my bike in some of the hardest races in the world, but I also get to go around and have a pint of great tasting beer from all across the world.  From the Southern Hemisphere of San Juan, Argentina, to Belgium, France, Japan, Israel, and any were else my two wheels take me.  Contrary to the stereotype, while I have to be careful about my weight, I absolutely enjoy nursing a cold beer after a long day in the saddle. For me, a hopped up malted bevvie is both a reward and medicine!

And get ready because the 2020 season has kicked off and I’m currently working on my South American adventure as we speak! So with this blog, I hope to give you guys a little insight of what it’s like to be a professional bike racer, banging bars, and throwing head butts with the best riders in the world. I’ll do this while also sampling brews, having fun, and telling my stories along the way.  So I hope you sit back, crack open a Strata IPA (yes, Worthy sent me a few cases) and enjoy my adventures.

cheers with travis mccabe

So Cheers!!!


February 11th, 2020

San Juan, Argentina


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